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Fancy being on TV?

Fancy being on TV?

Hi there
I honestly can't think of any business that wouldn't want their business in a
tv commercial.
However its really expensive and so untargeted! BUT How many sales or customers
do you think you will gain if you had a commercial running when they were LOOKING for your business?

My name is Steve and I am looking to work with a few businesses for an online commercial.
Instead of being on TV, I want to put your business front and center with a video(commercial) on
Google & Youtube in your local area. Not just 1. Not just 5. Not just 10.
But a complete
domination of your local market with as many video billboard commercials that it takes to dominate
your area.
How many new customers will you get if they search for your service or product and
all they see are billboards showcasing you?
I have a few spots open. To see proof of results
and what it can do for you please go to
to see
some sample results.

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